Sunday, January 21, 2007


It went sky high. Even though i've been controling it. like crazy.
Its getting expensive. even though ive been choosing for the cheapest price.(like crazy too.)
My phone bill.
My flight ticket.

Things keep on coming. It never stops.

My laptop's condition.
My studies, my results..

Smile. . finding the best solution.
To think rationally in my decision.
To know that its a test from Allah as im sailing my way.
Thru this journey burden with a mission.

As i know. In HIS verses saying "so.verily, with every difficulty, there is relief."

There's a brighter side to this.
I went places. Views i never thought I'll ever see.
To know a person to the extent that i can really have faith in.

Deciding greater steps in this life. Between which. and which.
Why. and more of why(s). Not forgetting, what? and a lot of what??

There's a price i must pay. For not knowing.
For not paying more attention.
But i keep on wondering if its ever going to end.
(Of course its not)

Im relying it all to The One.
Try . to push my self to the limit.
To know that Im really trying and not just complaining about life.

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