Monday, January 08, 2007

Nihongo! Nihongo!

  I tried doing my blog in japananese character. But it wont show up! I want to practice them at the same time im doing this.   Its been 2 weeks now since my last class. We're on a winter break. Yeah, i have to write a nikki (diary) to tell what i did for the holiday. It sux. As i forgot a lot of bunpo (grammar) already, and even kanji (chinese character). Wierdly, I kinda miss school. I hate growing fat in my room. I've been eating bars n bars of chocolate that i bought for a month supply. Its lonely and boring.   I've been to places, the island on the south.. the mount on the north. But I want to go places that i really can appeciate others more. Speaking, socializing, making friends.. I am. But in a very different way. I tend to be in the group and not saying a word. Scanning.. scanning.. and more scanning.. Im weird, arent I?  Anyway, I bought a jishio (electronic dictionary) already. It cost me ¥25,780yen to be exact together with the casing. Both are blacks. Hmm.. In times, there'll be cartoons and glitters on it. U'll see.. I'll make it as happy as it can be. Lol! 2moro.. School! Cant wait. Hope I can wake up a.s.a.p! Ah, btw.. Im getting a digital piano and a microvawe oven. And a television too. Hoho...

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bibi-aisha said...

Iv been readin thru,tryin to fig it out-ur studyin in japan? that must b interestin. Wots it like livin there, adjustin etc especially as there r so few muslims