Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Heart Irwansyah and Acha - My Heart Di sini kau dan aku Terbiasa bersama Menjalani kasih sayang bahagia ku denganmu Pernahkah kau menguntai hari paling indah ku ukir nama kita berdua disini di surga kita Bilakah kita mencintai yang lain Mungkinkah hati ini akan tegar Sebisa mungkin tak akan pernah sayangku akan hilang if you love somebody could we be this strong I will fight to win Our love will conquer all Wouldn't reach my love even just one night Our love will stay in My heart, My heart How can you expect me to be more boyish when i wus really sensitive? You called me names. How do you supposed I should react to that? when i'm super urusai, u told me to just shut up. what isit that u want from me? Im very sorry that i've caused you some trouble, I never meant that at all. I never did think twice to say sorry. Your words do hurt me. A lot. Im wasting your time. X terfikir ke i tunggu u berjam2. U were the one yg xnak tengok muka i lagi. Hmm.. Everyday you call me gedik. Okanemochi. Urusai. Wus I never there when u need me? Did I ever call you with names? We're not there yet. Still, I care. But my care, somehow is'nt good enough for you. You. Only think about youself. Do you? All that i can say is, Thanks.

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effi said...

weee...pasal bapak jiwang nih??? huhuhuhu....i baca semua sayang...malas nak comment semua...hoho