Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ah! Zannenda..

This mornin, i went to ESU, KLCC. Dammit! Our flight d'cepatkan by one day. Supposedly, Saturday 30th, night's flight. But now, 29th SEPTEMBER 2006 11:00AM MH 70 KLIA - NARITA We meet one of tha senpai..citer2, bla2 bla.. later then, i terlupa ambil resit visa. i asked my driver to hantar. mmg i think my collegues jenis yg pentingkan diri sendiri. they hav'nt pick that visa thingy up too. why not go together as well?? ni tak. tht b* nk pgi dgn family sendiri. this s* nk pgi naik cab. x sama je ke?? i ended up cari cab cam nk gile! SORANG! x sangka. cab drivers around KLCC cm shial! diorang ambil foreigners dake! then when i got one, nk pgi japanese embassy 8 bux! hm. i admit yg i nih jenis gelabah skit. but today, its more to sad + calm+ alone..., thinking bout these peeps that i'll be goin to japan with. i cant rely on them much. About maghrib, darem called me. ( Actually, i called him back.. =/) hmm.. he cried. regrettin the past. promising me. a chance for a time well spend. 5 years and a half. i'll miss a lot of changes. i'll remember the agreement made. 2moro, my doa selamat. I think i've invited all, but then ramai pun cant make it. Its OK.. No biggie.. I dont know who'll be sending me at the airport. At first ramai jugak my friends nk hantar. but now.. hmmm...

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