Monday, August 01, 2011

Weekend in The Land of Smiles - Oh, Bangkok!

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I was amazed even before the airplane reaches the airport. Suvarnabhumi airport was beautiful. This is one country that beats my expectation to death.
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Took the Express Sky Train to the city to Phaya Thai (150Bh for return tix -which I didn't even use because I took the taxi instead back to the airport) and change for BTS Train to Chitlom station for Bliston Suwan Park View Residence Bangkok.

One thing I am super amazed of this city is how much greenery I see around. Trees are everywhere! MasyaAllah.. Even in housing areas, they have as much trees as they can around every house, even Banana trees!

Parks like these can be seen almost everywhere. &&amazingly, in the city of Bangkok (as far as I'm concerned), I can barely see any rubbish around. What a clean city.

A view from our balcony. Huge trees..
(I wonder if it's because of their teachings that makes them protect these trees. If islam is being carried out the way it was supposed to, meaning that we can't even hurt animals and other living things such as trees, imagine what a wonderful world we'd live in; such greenery and calm)

Bangkok somehow reminds me of Japan (terubat sikit rindu). Feels traditional and laid back, yet quite modern for new technology, services and products.

 Their SevenEleven looks exactly like the ones in Japan, where they have bentos, pastries, lots(and lots) of Japanese brand products (plus they are cheap!) and you can pay all sorts of bills at the counter. & they even have slurpy, which Japan doesn't. A mix of my two favourite countries.

Lotte's Koara-no-Machi, Meiji's cultured drinks (caution!! SUPER DUPER SWEET - I think half of the drink was just SUGAR!), Calbee's Ebi-sen, and yes... bentosss!

Me and Mardhiah went for an aromatherapy Thai massage for 90 minutes, which cost us 850Bh.

 I picked lemongrass (mint for mekdi) for the massaging oil and it was just perfect. =)

- The infamous Pad Thai -

Since we only went there for about two days, there weren't much time for us to explore other parts of the city (and food as well). Mardhiah had Pad Thai twice, and I went with 'I-don't-know-what-do-they-call-it"(above) and Tom Yam Goong (below).

 with steamed Jasmine rice.

 and another Thai signature-dish, Som Tam. 

 That was just it, Alhamdulillah. The food was kinda expensive (at a 'proper' restaurant- 200Bh per dish) since we didn't have the guts to eat at the hawkers.

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I still got lots of things to share &brag &blab about. x)  
will continue soon!
Ramadhan Mubaarak everyone!

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