Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Don't Know Where To Start.

When I am being asked, "So, what is Islam?", more than twice a day, I feel like I need to have at least something written on my hand. Da'wah to non-muslims needs great strategy, or else I'll have nothing to tell. -At all (・_・;) Akhlak by it self is good enough you supposed? I don't think so. What ever that I say, how I say it, means a lot to them(the listener). While they wait anxiously for my explanation, I just pray to God to give me strength, so that any words that come out from my mouth have meanings- real meaning. (At that time, I really-really felt like I need Him soooo much しょぼん) Who is Allah? Who is Muhammad s.a.w? What is Al-Quran? What does the word Islam means? Why do you live on this earth? Why are you here? Why are you not a tree, neither you're a bird? ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ -They'll go, "ううhuh?" for such questions. Too many.. yes, I know. I want to start with the amazing, beautiful piece of Al-Quran, but which one? I have completely no idea. But, I found these Arabic-English Al-Quran translation on the net, and they are for kids. Indeed, very easy to understand, fun and cute! Try listening to this. You can download them if you want to. ニコニコ
Listen "Quran 06 al falaq al nass"
Its the feeling where you want to share the things you know. Its the happiness of telling, yet deep in my heart, I know its something that I just have to do. Born to do- Da'wah. Which the word was so "err...what? えへへ…" to me before, has become a part of me; and it is me. Yet, so hard for me to get through. Please, teach me to teach others. Where should I start? I'm starting to feel the burden, yet so thankful that I've been given the chance; to tell, to explain.

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Najwa Diyana said...

same here..
i have no idea how to explain..
i mean.. where to start..
takut nk ckp sbb kalau salah kang saya yg dpt dose.. wuuuu~~