Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Rojak Life.

Winner of Primeworks Big TV Idea 2008 It started with the idea of a cricket. (Which he thought what belalang was..^-^ ) When he told us he got the Top 20, it was too good to be true. Unbelievable. I guess he was so excited about it that he start to write all the story-line straight away. Berbelas2 episodes jugaklah (it took him couple hours explaining it on the phone.. while Im doing my laundry.. hehe) In the train, and where ever he is, he keeps on developing the story, and asked our opinion. Haha.. the name of the roles changes, here and there, logic dan tak logic.. ah.. masih fresh dalam ingatan. Ada orang nak nama dia masuk lah..mcm2.. hhaha.. He went back to Malaysia to present the idea. We all know that he's kinda broke, but he is still the best person to represent his own idea, in his own way.
Preparation for the presentation of his idea.
Well, a great job I supposed. I still remember the night where me and Iman had to give our opinions on what he did. It was very funny. Bad handwriting, bad usage of colour, small mistakes here and there.. haha. and "stepsod" too.. We had to read the whole story-line at Johnathan, the night before he went back to Malaysia. Hehe.. sorry, aku lambat. 応援してるからね。 I guess the journey, and the experience, is the biggest reward. We are so proud of you! be continued