Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Projek Roti.

Every Wednesday, seperti biasa I'll go to Iman's place(but not this week kut). A journey that would take about 2hours++ pegi balik.
Pada hari itu kami decided to buat roti. We did cakes before, so try something new this time. Next time nak buat pie pulak.. =)
It was our first attempt.
The look of that thing was soooo weird. Taktau mana yang tak betul. Since it was a very cold night, 'we' decided to peram this thing dalam futon, atas hot carpet.
but it look alright after about an hour or so. Then, we made the dough. Not knowing what roti to do next(after we made the original tuna bread) , we use our so called 'creativity' and make our own bread. Iman letak belen lauk udang masak kunyit (our dinner) inside, and I put some belen chocolate meiji, bla bla bla...
and wallah~

#1 - patut letak warm water for cold countries. unlike malaysia where you can have 27deg all the time. NO wonder la kedai bakery selalu panas kan..

#2- our 2nd attempt mcm shippai(fail). haha..

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Muhammad Firdaus Mazlan said...

you know what? this is very interesting! I wanna try making the pizza! avec beaucoup de fromage!

Niealex said...

pizza beli je roti yg dah siap.. haha..
we wanna try pizza, tapi roti mcm nk beli je.. tapi mahal la.. dalam 10 ringgit tuk 2 keping. ok kut.. =)

liyanna saad , 16 said...

besttt can i get how to make roti tu ?