Thursday, April 17, 2008

++Life in Japan++

I hav'nt been writing for the past month. Very busy with new life, new things, new friends.. :cute:
So, I've posted more and more pictures. (As they said that a picture worth a thousand word aite?)

Too many things happened to me.
Physically, emotionally.. :mad:

eg. Basikal hilang, kene jalan kaki 20minit ke kelas setiap hari. (*hoho, tu baru satu...mahu lagi?)
I'll be having class even on Saturday, till about 3pm. EVERY WEEK!

Oh yah, these are the links to the pics, posted on my Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

salmon - sashimi@sushi choo tabetai! Kena ajak member gie Don shushi ni...hehehe