Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ask, Ask and keep on Asking!

These Japanese kids, when they talk, I'd rather shut up and listen. Why? Cuz, I have no single idea what they're talking about. "190km/h talking speed.." "slang from out of space.." "words that I have no idea what.." "tonnes of names of artist, famous sport player, news reader...bla bla bla" "last night's tv drama.." making excuse, "I'm learning Japanese while listening..":stareyes: making excuse, "I don't have a TV, no idea what's on.." :mad: But then, I wont be communicating with them if I just sit and listen. So how? Came this Taiwan girl, a foreign student just like me, its just that she looks like a pure japanese and speaks REAL japanese. (shinkan speed as she used to live in Japan before) and she said to me, Don't be afraid to ask! Don't be shy to make mistakes! you are a Gaijin. it doesnt matter. they cant expect you to know everything right? if not, you would'nt know what you didnt know. (kamu tak tahu pun apa yang kamu tak tahu) :rolleyes: even if you have to pretend like you know it. or else, just ask! "what drama?" "on what channel?" "what isit about?" (yeah, you'll feel like you're annoying them..rather than to just sit and listen) that's when YOU can do the talk. and even CONTROL the flow or the talk. nice~ :smile:

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