Thursday, April 10, 2008

From Afrika.

”出身はどこ?” -where are you from? ”マレーシア” - Malaysia ”マレーシアで、皆も被ってるの?何のため?” - In Malaysia, does everyone covers their head? Why? What for? "宗教だよ” -its the religion ”へ。。。仏教?” -Oh.. hindu? "イスラム教。。ムスリム” -Its Islam... muslim. “知らネ” -Oh, I have no idea. Wierd japs I tell you. Not only that, there's another one. “出身はどこ?” -Where are you from? “マレーシア” - Malaysia “Nigeriaだと思った。あそこの辺で、皆、被ってるみたい。宗教のためだよね?” - I thought you're from Nigeria. That part of the world, they all seems to covered up. Its the religion right? “そそ。。!” -Yeah..! “宗教は何?” - So, what's your religion? “イスラム教だよ!知ってないの?” - Its Islam, don't you know that? “そう見えないから。。あそこで、黒いのやつを使うんじゃん?ナディアさんは毎日も色が変わって,全然違うよ” - You don't look like one.. aren't they all wear black? You wear different-colourful colour everyday, you are WAY different. Not the same at all. Arghh.. head-ache! Its OK. Im here to tell! #translation? do it yourself.. :lol: (Now I've translated it. Hope everyone is happy. hehe..)

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