Monday, October 01, 2012

[PHOTO-LOG] The wonders of Pasar Malam !

Pasar Malam Senawang in Seremban.

Everything a pasar malam (night market) should have, and it has always been like that for the past.. maybe 15 years?

So many different types of FOOD!

Fruits. Fresh Veggies. Fisheries.

Meats; Chicken. Duck. Beef. etc

Toys. Slippers. Kitchen et toilet utensils.

Clothes...( and ballons!)

and... Jamu.^^

All in one night, one field area, and it's only once a week.

I was super excited, and starting taking pictures of what I can snap without being too obvious.

Suddenly this lady customer asked me, "Adik ni belajar lagi ke?" (Are you still studying?) and I told her that I just recently completed my studies and she replied, "Habis tu nak ambil gambar ni buat apa?" (Then why are you taking pictures?) with an annoyed face.


No. me no take pictures of ze customers. That's an invasion of privacy.

There was this uncle at the stall who said, "Ambik la gambar pakcik masuk pesbuk!" ^^ so cute!

Anyway, enjoy!

#bukan senang nak menebalkan muka nak mengambil gambar public activities. Ini baru ambil gambar dengan iphone. Kalau bawak DSLR sejibik, entah riuh satu pasar malam.

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