Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Picking up


It took me a while to get back ( myself?) once again since I got back here. So many things to do, to say, to write, to explain. (eh.. ada perlu eh?) Balik Malaysia lama sangat. Ni lah dia. jadi sayur.^-^" I know I'll be back in Malaysia again for good in few months time now. Perlu kumpul tenaga super power untuk tapau balik nanti.

Hibernated at home ;homesick+flu+fever+typhoon for about a week, and now bernomad sebentar mencari semangat yang hilang. True. sekarang baru nak mengaku yang sebenarnya dah futur (lemah semangat) tahap horror yang horror sangat back then. But that was way.. back then.

Anyway, gambar masa pergi Syria pun tak upload lagi. Inikan gambar raya.

I am left with a very cute-small-slow Acer, and it's kinda hard to even start doing any of my work. Especially my final thesis. (Yah, blame the computer now eh. Astaghfirullah. T-T) Since I've found quite a big computer during my 'nomad', alhamdulillah. Dapat kutip semangat sikit-sikit.

Bila teringatkan semula, I was back in KL for more than 2 months and banyak sangat benda yang nak dikongsikan disini. Tak ternilai pengalaman bercuti tu rupanya.

For a start, let me share with you this. Was searching for so many things on the net, and found this.

Yes, I am always curious. Even though curiosity might have killed the cat (oh isit?), but ignorance is the worst.

*a must watch*

*the full video*

Watching this made me feel like... why on earth haven't I memorized what I read.

The truth is, there's nothing harder to overcome, than you, yourself. Ada juga pakcik-pakcik yang kenal islam at the age of  30's and 40's, but they fall in love completely with the religion. I think you might have heard, or seen Ust. Suhaib Webb. Read about his story. Maybe it'll give you a pinch of how amazing the religion is.

My mom read, 'Ini Sejarah Kita', a book that I bought back then. She was really into that book, and things changed.. MasyaAllah.

That'll be in a different post pulak insyaAllah.

p/s: Couldn't be any happier to be back [kepada fitrah] it is.

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albanaT said...

subhanallah! kita yg tua ni pun entah bila boleh tanamkan Quran dalam hati. T_T

huhu. tp video ni pendek2. but nice!