Friday, December 04, 2009

Love always wins.

Its my love to The Almighty.
My love to my mother, my father, my family, and my dearest ones. Until I get myself a husband, my love will be for him as well.
Don't tell me that love hurts. Then, you know nothing about love. Its like a boxing fight where you always want to win. You keep on fighting, till you get hurt. But love will win you over. Give in to love, than you will know the meaning of loving others.
Love for the sake of The Most Loving.
We will die. But not the relationship. Especially the relationship of aqeedah that bounds us forever. If you Love, based purely on nafs, then you'll face the consequences. Do not blame other for thy own mistakes. I love you, because of Allah. Whoever you are, wherever you are.

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