Thursday, August 06, 2009


We had Burger King for Nafhani's birthday Partee.
Bonda just came back from outstation this evening. I couldn't really help around the house, since I was too tired from the 7 hours flight. Datte, we spent the whole night before our flight melalak-ing at the karaoke-kan. Me and Iman. I brought too many chocolates and sweets this time. Can't afford all the expensive things anymore though my brothers wanted DS. I really couldn't. It felt weird without my 2nd brother around. Not-complete. 9/10. Sabishii, chotto. Isit because of the weather, that I'm feeling very dry, fatigue, and my body is aching all over? Rasa macam nak demam, sakit kepala. Berjerebu la masa keluar tadi. Bonda was quite worried as well. "You just travelled dari 'luar negara'...bahaya ni". T-T" My plans for this weekend, Friday- Petronas Meeting. Saturday& Sunday - Student Summit. But, suddenly there's so many other things going on as well. Family picnic la, gathering la, sukaneka la.. komaru wa! Saya balik mau nonbiri. zutto nonbirishitai.