Saturday, August 23, 2008

After 3 weeks.

Its hard living without internet at times when you really need it. After my house was struck by lightning a month ago, the 2nd floor's electric cable and all were burned out. So does the computer(..and the cctv system, the wireless system..) I thought I'd suffer. But I didnt. and I survived. I hate to say this, but life is so much free without all this internet hassle. No wonder my friends barely go online as the internet connection here is slower than ever. I took hours and countless of re-uploading, to put my Bandung pictures on Facebook. Now, I give up. "Asyik cerita sushi je.."said Adam. Well, even for this post, I doubt that it will go straight to the blog. I might need to save it first to draft. (Dc, dc, dc... very unstable internet connection..) And for that reason, I lost my 'semangat' and interest to write for these past weeks. Take this as the starting post for my journey back at home. I'm busier than ever. "Kalah menteri besar..." I wish I can give more time to everything that I'm missing. I miss my friends. my Tok Midah and kampung.. spending time with them, with you.
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~All the love from bumi bertuah..~


Simon Malik said...

dush! one smack in da face! XD

a k i r a said...

salam Nadia,

selamat berpuasa ad bersabar dgn connection yang kurang menentu. I think it's not wrong for me to say that I am addicted reading our blog. (yesh..saya mmg gile Jepun). Hope you won't mind the company.

Teruskan menulis. Moga sama2 kite dpt berkongsi pengalaman dan knowledge insyaAllah.

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