Friday, July 25, 2008

Sushi Craze.

If I'm not mistaken, I went to eat sushi with Iman and Ryotsuke last month.
Then, with Iman and Akane last week.
And again last night, with Iman, Ryoutsuke, Shike and Akane.

Haish, is this a good thing or not?

Well, when I first started eating sushi here, it will always be around 10 plates or more. >_<'' (tapi tak selalu sangat la.. setahun pun berapa kali jer..)
I don't know, nowadays, even with 4 plates, I was at my limit.(限界) Maybe because last time I had sushi, it was the INCREDIBLY-WIERD-HORRIBLE taste of sea urchin. Or could be the Nato that I had with Akane. Yikes*!

Sea Urchin @ Genki Sushi.

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