Sunday, May 18, 2008

Morioka in Iwate-ken.

It took me about 3 hours bullet train ride to get here.
I have no idea where Iwate was. I just knew that Im going to Iwate for usrah.

It is my first time too, going on the Shinkansen (bullet train, and this one is called Yamabiko).
Arriving by the last train, I couldnt really see any scenery outside. But one thing for sure, it was a SUPER smooth and VERY FAST journey.(I had the best sleep and the best reading time ever!) They said that I took the slow one. The fastest one can reach Morioka in 2 hours from Tokyo. (0-0)..

Do you have any idea how far is Morioka from Tokyo?? Its like the distance between Kuala Lumpur and north Hat Yai in Thailand. More than 500km that is!

The ticket price? One way, 15,000yen. (about..RM450) return ticket would cost me 30,000yen! (kali la dua..) Alhamdulillah, I took the student discount ticket from school.(at least,20% discount) and we'll do fare-levelling. (That's the beauty of having an usrah..=)

#Senpai Yus Izzat has arrived here in Tokyo. He was supposed to be in Ikebukuro by noon, but, I guess they were too tired to get a train to the hotel.(They took a cab instead, from the airport, and it cost them 26,000yen gurai..Thats a lot!!) I'll show him around the Tokyo area, tomorrow after usrah.
-Thanks a lot Siri! for "willingly" taking him around Ikebukuro for 2nite. Nanti I belanja makan ye.. =D

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misoshiru2312 said...

salam niea..

hihi..seronok eh dah sampai time naikla hayate pula..lg laju dr yamabiko tu..
Seronok eh usrah camni..bole merantau ke mana-mana..wlupun masing2 penat..tapi bila dah berjumpa, semua kepenatan hilang..sorry eh kalo hospitality kurang best di morioka..inshaAllah akak dtg tokyo lak nnt..masak best2 tau..=)