Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Figuring the numbers of life.

I still remember this one question that I used to ask myself few years ago. "Am I doing too much?" Since Ive entered university, I never really had any free time. (seperti bergolek2 dalam futon dan menonton tv..) I have tons of presentation to do in a week. Yet I am very2 busy with clubs and circles every weekends. Japanese class on saturday's evening, no free time even on sundays. Is this the way how things should be? I dont just wanna sit at home and do nothing. I want to be active. But this not woking for me. Im stressed; I passed up an unfinished homework. (How could I??! That is so not me!) My laptop is getting crazy. (again) I cant open IE or Firefox. I dont know where the heck did I put my hard disk. I changed my bicycle tyre 3 times already this month. x( Which cost me about few thousand yen. This is hectic. I want to get a new life. What about getting married? Isnt that something new? = (Yet again, I just love to crap. and you dont have to read this in the first place.) Realising that Im having the "futur" stage, I need to do something about it. It just have to stop. At this moment. At this instant. #Kembalikan semangatku; kekuatan yang sama yang telah Engkau berikan pada hari itu. Kesedaran tentang keindahan hidup yang sementara ini. Kembalikan masaku; supaya aku tak merasa rugi akan kesilapanku. Supaya aku tahu yang hidup ini adalah semata2 keranaMu. Hari ini, esok dan semalam, akan jadi seperti kira-kira yang tak berkesudahan; tanpa tunjuk ajar dariMu.

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