Saturday, December 29, 2007

Banglas & Tesco

I went to Tecso last week. There was to many Bangladesh workers that I can barely see local people working in Tesco.

They're trying to cut down the budget I supposed.

So then, when I went to look for spaghetti, I asked a Bangla worker where it is, and he shouted back to me, "No!, No!" and shoved me away. Wow.. wasn't that scary enough to tell you not to ask any Bangla worker anything..? They cant understand any Malay, or English isit? I had no idea.

But that wasnt the only thing that happened. On my way to the car, few minutes before Tesco closes, there was some Banglas (again..) were trying to chase us out from the store. (They were shouting, "Out!,Out!"). I was already on my way to leave the place la, haiyooh! But the BANGLAS didnt tell us that all the west exit was already closed! I had to turn back, to the east exit, pushing the super heavy cart, cursing the stupid Banglas all the way back to my car.

What a waste of time. Seriously, TESCO, if you guys thinks that hiring the Banglas are cheaper, for the quality of the service, its going all the way to the drain.. Somehow, I prefer to shop at Carrefour or Mydin.. Lagi senang hati kut..

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