Thursday, October 12, 2006

Uh... While things are getting windy.

Days, I dont know if its getting better. I hate to write. Just bcoz this pasokon is in japanese and i couldn understand a thing. Everything doesnst make sense. The more i write, the crazier I've become. The relationship is getting smoother with better understanding of each other. I've forgotten the past easily. Mind what i've said before. I do mean it at then. but now, yeah, i can say that i actually didnt know any better. But at times, when I wanna be alone, I want to accompany by someone I could really talk to. Someone who'se not in my everylife but knows everything about it. Sounds complicated right? Shits happens. Ouh yah, Kak Ina bought me this Tart Berry yg i'll heart her ever for it. Yay! Bday cake atlast! And ouh ya.. Iman n Kak Nor belanja us at Saezariya. Hope i spelled it right. x) Ehsan belanja at this japanese restaurant, which i had no idea what i had there. Cuz its sooo la not what i had in mind of japanese food.. =/ Hmm, think twice, senpaitachi ni mcm sngat best.. I wonder if they're not here before us. Or they're not the person that they are. Things could get worser. Not that im saying now is worse. Getting really well along could take sometime. Maybe, its not-that-so noticeable of me.. But, I can feel that they must be wondering. Or, not at all.. I dont know, I could be very good at reading people, or just pure suck. =P Hmm.. I cud say that I'm quite worried about a friend of ours. We havnt been talking a lot like we used to. I know he have everything to say. To talk to. But, he's not talking to me. I guess.. hmm.. had so no idea what to guess anymore. Quite tired of doing so.. Im trying to go as smooth as possible. Be happy. Mindin business. And where i want this to bring me to. Ouh, yah.. I've decided to strive for ToDai. It aint possible. Its Tokyo Daigaku( University) btw. One of the best as the senpaitachi said. Gambatte. Ngee.. I'll write more as long as this pasokon doesnt mess with me.

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