Thursday, August 22, 2013

The best saying I've ever came across on a bad day.

"If that day comes [when] a clash is apparent between your personal interests and economic activities on the one hand, and my Islamic work on the other, and that I find my married life is standing in the way of Da'wah and the establishment of an Islamic state, then, each of us should go our own way. 
I cannot ask you today to share with me this struggle, but it is my right on you not to stop me from jihad in the way of Allah. Moreover, you should not ask me about my activities with other Mujahideen, and let trust be full between us. 
A full trust between a man and a woman, a woman who, at the age of 18, gave her full life to Allah and Da'wah. 
In the event of any clash between the marriage contract's interest and that of Da'wah, our marriage will end, but Da'wah will always remain rooted in me."

- (Zainab al Ghazali, 2006)

Zainab Al Ghazali was not any usual Muslim leader who was famous for her motto, strategy or any other peculiar perspective. No! Actually, she belongs to the Islamic world in a greater dimension.
Zainab Al Ghazali was that Mujahidah of Ummah who was bestowed by Allah the vision of Prophet Muhammad (Salallah Allihi Wasalam) four times in dream and was offered the blessings by the prophet.
It was Zainab Al Ghazali who challenged the Pharaoh of twentieth century and started
Dawah of Islam and its Shariah by summing all her courage and dedication and inturn got the severe heartrending and tremendous tortures from suppressors but the point of mention will remain that suchtortures did not hamper her from keeping the missionary thought, expression, stand and the work and she continued Haqooqulah (duties towards people) as well as the Haqooqul Ibad (duties of worship). For her exemplary devotion and tolerance she would be remembered till doomsday.
The service she has done to Islam cannot be described under any single title only. Herself, shewas not a fellow but a great Islamic Movement. It is very unfortunate that our youngsters have forgotten their predecessors of Islam. To do justice with the contributions of this great Mujahidah a comprehensive book is needed.


"Hari -hari Dalam Hidupku" in Malay and "Return of The Pharaoh" in English.
 Born on Jan, 2, 1917, in Egyptian village Manyate Umer, her father was a farmer and a religious person, who died when Zainab was only 11. But the guidance and fatherhood of her father hadleft deep and nonperishable impacts on Zainab. The translator of the book Khalil Ahmad Hamidi, in the preface of the book, reveals that Zainab had herself narrated that how her father would tellher the tales and events of the great Islamic women (Sahaabiyat) in an impact making manner. In the agro society, in the lap of the families with values, religious traditions and with impact fromthe spiritual guidance of her father, Zainab entered the field of maturity and understanding at the age of 18. In 1938 she founded Jameyate Sayedate Muslimaat, an organization of the Muslimwomen. For the features, activities and the strategy of this organization she chose Hazrate Nusaibah (RA) as her ideal.

You can read the rest from here.
InsyaAllah I'm going to finish the book by this weekend. Though there's open houses, sisters walimah, sisters gathering, I found myself stuck in a situation where I can't say NO.
InsyaAllah I'll make the best out of it.
InsyaAllah, He'll take care of me like He did for Zainab.

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