Thursday, July 21, 2011

Before Perhentian..

Just because I am still in Perhentian (with nothing to do >_<)  and the Internet that our Korean chalet mate bought last night is still working, I'm gonna go ahead and write them post about my trip this time.

The jeti serves as a place where the tourist just hang around to watch the sunset, and the water is just so clear you can see every single thing inside the water. I can't imagine if they say that the Red Sea is way better than this. SubhanAllah, MashaAllah. I guess there's still so many things out there yet to be discovered!

Well, I shall make this post a bit detailed for the first time ever (in this blog) by explaining things that one should know to travel this path (if you're interested). I wanted to do the same when I went for my Arab trip, but as you've already know.. my phone decided to go haywire and that was it. An experience left to be unshared.

Excusez-moi pour the long introduction. =)

Actually, when I arrived in LCCT about 2 weeks ago, I met a Korean on her way to KL. I said, "annyong!"  to her first, and the next thing I knw, she was speaking korean to me! Unfortunately I can't speak Korean (Oh I wish I could..), but I was surprised to know that she can speak Japanese! She lived in Japan for 8 years, and now she's traveling the world for a year and Malaysia is her first stop!

She wanted to go to Cameron Highland for a week and I had to head to Melaka for my Project Kalsom 17 event. She said that her next stop is Perhentian, and I said, we shall go together then!

And that's how the journey starts..


As soon as she got back from Cameron Highland, she stayed at my apartment for 2 nights, had a luxurious Traditional Malay Lunch at Kelantan Delights in Subang, met my seniors, friends and family and it was nice that she gets along well with all the havoc of my daily life as a nanny and a driver.

The appetizer!

Nasi Tumpang in Kelantan Delights. (Sangat sedap!!)


Kelantan dessert. Ouh2.. there's Lompat Tikam! Which means, Jump and Stab! ^-^

She even attended my father's colleague's daughter's wedding in J.W. Mariott ( yes, I told her that it was not a normal traditional  wedding event where most of the time they'll have it in a community place or hall instead of a hotel).

 #I told my dad, I really hate the awkwardness of having so many people at my wedding (in the future of course) and I want to have an eco-no-money family ambience event at home where my brother would play his guitar with his friends and I know all of my guest.

## hahaha.. I know I'm so out of topic here.

Let's go back. Now! In a different post of course.

To be continued...

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