Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend Runaway

Until my computer cooperate, and be nice.. so that  I can write my heart and soul out once again, I guess you can only read me through the pictures for now.

I'm going through a stage where I'm just trying to get back my senses and be who ever that I want to be. no one but me. I don't need no prejudice here. No, thank you.

Until then, I am who'll you get.

Akane told me that it's time for me to be an adult now, which means spending time on my own, and be REALLY independent. which also mean.. FOREVER ALONE. haha. so Tumblr!

Anyway, the weekend has been fullfiling, with food! and some other elements as well that makes me have butterflies coming in and out and I'm good with what ever it is that Allah has prepared me with. Basically, I am fine.

It's been a while since I last went to a wet market and I just can't help but to borong so many veges!
This asparagus over here cost 200yen for 5 ikat! Most of the time, 1 ikat, 200yen!
Yes, I love love love asparagus. what to do.. ^-^

I met this cat in Shimokitazawa on a Sunday and she was sleeping! well, that's the only reason why I'm brave enough to take this picture, if not.. I wouldn't even go near to a cat!

Since it's the last day of Golden Week, everyone is lining up for 31% off Baskin Robin promotion and yeah.. I just couldnt help but to get into the looooong line and have a great ice cream on a hot day!

Oops! Forgive me for taking this picture the wrong way. I meant to show you the vacuum that this uncle is using to clean up the takoyaki maker. >_<" I am not interested in stalking at all.

The takoyaki stall besides 31 is having a time sale, and again...some takoyaki wouldn't hurt right? =D

You can pick the sauce, and the topping.

Sauce or Soy sauce?

bla bla bla.. and bla bla bla.. or bla bla bla..
(sorry I couldn't remember)

...and I told the lady,

ALL please!

and wallah ~!

dah habis. =D


fadzilah said...

What a weekend of food and veges. But all that has happened in Japan, life is back to normal. So to say, enjoy every moment that you have to the fullest.

jay ishak said...

one of the pix that catch my attention is that the takoyaki's.. oh gosh, i bet it taste REAL good! there's a takoyaki here in m'sia too which is at jusco but i guess it taste better there in japan! plus it gave 6 pieces of takos.. nyumm! my favorite of all time.