Saturday, March 12, 2011

.Arab Trip.

I've landed safely this morning, with a terrible-teribble jet lag.

I got on the plane from Bahrain at 8pm, but in less than 7 hours, its already 930am when I arrived in KL (while it's supposed to be around 3am in Bahrain).

Well, the 2 weeks trip with my mother was one of the most precious time ever!

We traveled from KL to Bahrain, then to Cairo (where I'm supposed to have my Arabic lesson, but due to the revolution last2 month, I had to cancelled them since all of the Malaysians I know are back in Malaysia).

From Cairo, we took a flight to Istanbul, then we traveled 2days 2nights with trains and buses to Damascus,Syria and stayed for 4 days. As the city is near to the border of Syria-Jordan, it only took us 3 hours to go to Irbid,Jordan by taxi. After spending quite some adventurous 4-long-days travelling in Jordan, we finally found ourself back to an airport in Amman, Jordan to spend time in our last stop, which is back to Cairo.

Like my mother said, "Penat berjalan dari Cairo ke Cairo".

We spend our last 2 days of the trip together, and my mother had to leave early since we didnt want to change our tickets (which will cost RM600, while its better for me to stay behind and spend the cash- that I didnt actually managed to so  ^-^)

So, when my mom left, it was like.. Oh no. The trip is REALLY over. Which was sad, really. But she was the one to pic me up from the airport 3 days later. And what a great coincidence that I've bumped into my father at the departure gate since he was leaving for Geneve, through Dubai.

Well, there'll be details on the trip,
but let me remind you that I no longer have 2,000 pictures that I took along the journey. That's the miracle of iPhone I guess. Easy come, easy go.

People lost lives, houses and basically everything because of the earthquake and tsunami. But I only lost pictures and a lot of data and memory. That should be nothing compared to them.
May Allah protect our brothers and sisters back there.

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aikasayang said...

Nadia...I'm glad u are safe...
Thought u r in japan during yesterday's earthquake