Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Sorry guys, Ive been away for quite a while now.. The examination and stuff. They're driving me pretty crazy. Plus, my laptop got on my nerves.. I've sent it away to be repaired btw. Aint got much time to spend on writing though.. I got lots and lots of things to tell... Pictures to show.. Wah! cant wait till Im done with the examsss! Im in a deficit account right now. Poket sangat2 haus. Im buying the flight ticket back to Malaysia 2moro. for 15th Dec flight. then, i'll be papakedana. Hope they still have seats left for me. This is scary!! I wanna go backkk!! Cuz its new year.. so ticket mcm habis.. VERY2 FULL! *****Again, to anyone who wants me to get stuff from Japan, ( meaning, I'll HELP you buy it, then YOU pay me) please... please do so.. I need malaysian money by the time im back. WANNA GO FOR MSIAN SHOPPING SPREEE!!***** mail me.. wtv.. pleaseee onegaiii... some stuff are super cheap here.. iPod, mP3 players.. japanese posters.. album.. anime.. u name it lah. anything that i can get for u, i'll try to get it. JYA! assalamualaikum!


bb_aisha said...

So are you going home for good? I'm happy you're so excited:-) Shame, you've really missed home. But when you're back in Malaysia, I'm sure you'll find yourself missing Japan:-)

bb_aisha said...

I just tagged you on my blog:-)

Niealex said...

im not going home for good... its only for 3weeks and for a very good reason.