Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Selama ni punyala susah sangat nak post up blog disini.. I gave up. The maple almond ice-cream with famous amous biscuit topping filled me. Had lunch in UiTM, Mizah's culinary friend had to serve people and we have to pay RM15. Main course, beef steak spaghetti. Complete with the appetizer, and desserts. Ngeee... Went to INTEC, met Sepez. Aa.. rindu oo sama dia tu. Rasa macam lama sangat tak jumpa. We sent him back to Cendana, chat a bit here and there.. Aaaa... sekejap saja.. chomel la dia tu. Anyway, later on i went to Akasia. The 702 Girls! Cik Bedah, Timah n Minah! Still have 10++ days left. Cant wait for this weekend for Alia's Holiday House Hang-out! Yay!

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bibi-aisha said...

The ice-cream sounds divine!